Catholic Halos


Jesus tells us in the Gospels: What God has joined into one flesh, let no man tear asunder. Saint Paul extolls: Wives, obey your husbands; husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the Church.

Every wife and husband are joined by God to reveal God's love to the world, bear new life into the world, and provide, protect, and defend hearth, rearing their children to come to know God's breath in them and breath it into the world. Wives and husbands, each in their own way, reveal Christ to each other and are called to be humbly obedient to Christ in each other, running toward Jesus our sweet Christ hand in hand, sharing the delights and challenges of this pilgrims' journey. For each married person the path to salvation is their marriage, serving each other in Christ ... their primary halo, their #marriage.

As you share the journey in your halo, you may feel the call to deepen your prayer life. Cultivate prayer through adding simple, short prayers into daily life. This can happen in whatever ways work for you, but keep it simple. Ideas include prying the Our Father, Lauds or Vespers (Morning or Evening Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours, easy with various apps), or the rosary before bed (our littles fall asleep during the rosary), the Angelus before lunch, the day's gospel reading before breakfast ... the possibilities are endless. Play with chanting your prayer aloud, inviting family or friends to join you. Chanting is easy to start (I have next to no musical skill): chant in a single note. Just start chanting, find a note that sounds good and work to maintain it. You'll be surprised how quickly you pick it up!

You may find activities that used to take up time feel empty or distracting. Things like watching television, being on Facebook or other social media can be dropped, making time for reading, family time, prayer, writing, and other more fulfilling activities.

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