What’s a Halo?

Halo: (1) a group of Saints; (2) any Catholic group of two to twelve people who meet regularly and discuss the joys and challenges of running toward Christ in daily life. For focus, a halo may read from a work by a Doctor of the Church to deepen understanding of our timeless faith and how it applies in daily life.

Saints tend came in bunches, interacting with others striving to follow Christ on this pilgrim's journey. Together, they became Saints. St. Therese the Little Flower and many of her family. St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. Sts. Francis and Claire, Benedict and Scholastica. Not to mention Sts. Peter and all the Apostles. As the hope of every Catholic is to become a Saint, following their example of meeting with other Catholics is a great way to “run toward Christ,” as Saint Benedict describes it.

A halo is simple. Like all things simple, it takes five minutes to learn, a lifetime to master.

Who do you want to invite to join your halo? Ask them, and determine what you want to read and discuss (Saint Therese the Little Flower is an excellent place to start!). Meet at home, a coffee shop, park, video conference, phone, even by snail mail. Meet with family, friends, someone new at church... whomever God and you bring together. That's it. That's all there is to starting a halo.

So, What’s a Halo?

A group of 2-12 Catholics who meet weekly to monthly to discuss their life journey running toward Jesus our Christ.

For focus, a halo may read and discuss sections of a work from a Doctor of the Church, sharing quotes that struck them and why.

How Do I Start?

Join or start a Halo. That’s it. Gather in prayer and faith and discuss life and faith and triumphs and challenges with one to eleven other people.

Don’t I need to Register … or Something?

Nope. Meet. God knows. You’re registered with God. Grin. It’s seriously that simple … which is why it’s also so powerful and life changing. May God startle you with joy!