Satan's Fun House Glasses

Sin twists our vision like we are wearing a pair of invisible fun house glasses. Our vision is skewed, twisted, topsy-turvy. Instead of “up” being up, we are turned around so we think up is a squiggly line to the lower left; true left as a spiral to the upper right, and so on. Each person’s pair of sin’s fun house glasses distorts reality differently. Thus, if you tell me to turn left, I take an erratic lower right backwards, believing I am following your instructions.

Weird as all this looks to an outside observer, everything seems normal, even if most other people are doing things that make no sense.

Imagine how foolish we must look to everyone else! Moving about in odd ways to a distorted vision of the world only we see. Now imagine how a bunch of us look, each with our own differently distorted pair of glasses.

“Help me, please!” I call out.

“I’m right here, how can I help?” you offer, concerned.

“No you’re not,” I respond in frustration. “You’re not near me at all. You’re by that tree.”

“What?” you reply confused and a bit agitated. “You’re crazy. There is no tree.”

In reality, we both stand together, trying to hold each other up.

“Oof! Hey!” you holler. “Why’d you punch me?”

“I didn’t. I was getting the sliver out of your eye.”

Absurd as this interaction may seem, it represents the type of miscommunication that happens so easily between two people, even if they’ve known each other for years, even if they have the best of intentions, even if they are married and deeply love each other. Strife often enters relationships because of sin’s fun house glasses.

Strife, however slight, in relationship always indicates the presence of sin. Sin makes us deaf, blind, dumb, and stupid. Join a Halo. Start a Halo. Halo together, lose the fun house glasses, and run toward Jesus our Christ, with clearer sight, together.