In Movies and TV: What if Virtue Instead of Vice?

How different would your favorite movie or television show be if one, or all, of the characters wrestled with temptation but instead chose virtue over vice? No sex outside marriage (one man, one woman, for life) being a primary example.

Sex outside sacramental marriage is a primary plot device and source of conflict in modern stories. So much so that we have come to think of extra-marital sex as normal, at least on the screen and perhaps even see it as a sign of health and freedom. That's not healthy or holy. In truth, sex outside marriage is inherently selfish and prideful and lustful. Sex outside marriage thus encompasses at least three deadly sins, severs souls from God, shatters right relationship all they know, and risks pregnancy out of wedlock, which puts a modern woman in the near occasion of choosing murder and calling it healthcare, another mortal sin. What if, instead, characters chose chastity? What would change? How would the story be different? Would it develop or end differently? How?

Discuss with your halo.